Website Design & Development

Meticulously built, responsive and mobile optimised.

From $1200
From $2000
From $3000

Payment Plans

Afford the site your business deserves.

Pay over several months
  • From an affordable $50* per week.
  • Payable over 3, 6, or 9 months.
  • Ideal for companies looking to grow.
Pay an ongoing monthly fee
  • From $150* a month
  • Includes a starter maintenance package.
  • Your site is always up to date.
Pay a 25% deposit and instalments thereafter
  • Monthly or milestone payment options.
  • Negotiable terms.
  • Receive part of projects on each payment.

What is Compass

Compass is a Wolf developed platform that offers our clients three different development plans. Our "Template" and "Tailor made" plans are currently available, with our drag drop builder becoming available later this year.

Our regularly updated platform provides responsive, search engine optimised, easy to maintain, and friendly websites. Our selection of extensions are continuously tested to ensure they will work with future releases, and guarantee your site will never go down.

Compass includes a compressed platform providing extremely fast loading times. Working with content delivery networks and good content pre-processors, the images and videos you upload are converted and delivered quickly without loss of quality.

With our users in mind, the compass dashboard is easy to use and allows unlimited extensions. Additionally, our plans include the offer of a universal login system for our clients with multiple sites and give them the ability to share the same access credentials securely.

Tailored Website

Tailored websites are the best way to differentiate your brand and stick out in the industry. They are uniquely designed and built from scratch. We take the best design and development practices, and work with your existing presence and branding.

Tailored sites are the best option for those who want the functionality and appearance template sites or site builders can’t provide. They allow for a unique user experience, encouraging returning customers, and brand dissemination.


Our final stage of development involves compression and optimisation to greatly improve performance across all devices. In the design process we make sure optimisation is taken into account.If you're using a

In the design process we make sure that performance is taken into account. Features that cause heavy load on devices may be removed or redesigned either across all devices, or device specific considerations made.

Media such as videos and images are compressed retaining quality while accommodating to your design. Our solution allows large media to be stored in additional content delivery networks, with sites across the globe, providing high speed delivery.

The overall website or web application will go through its own optimisation process, involving compression of data and 'cleaning' of code to ensure optimum efficiency. The final product is hosted on enterprise grade servers and delivered with efficient speed to the user.


All our products are designed to be responsive; the content responds to the type and size of display. Additionally, we make sure certain content can be view on screen readers.

With the rise of mobile devices the need for sites that respond to the screen space and orientation is required. Throughout our design process, responsive design is an important consideration. If you re-size the Wolf page you are viewing right now, you will see the menu, content, font size and images will change to display better. We keep the user experience uniform, while improving the usability across devices.

Additional steps may include changing the functionality. Certain features may be desktop or mobile only, and features may work slightly different. Important design changes may be made on different devices, or even completely different content may be delivered. These steps are important for usability.


Our products are easily extendable, with features that can be added, spreading the cost over a project. Or, if you are updating, then adding new functionality is straightforward.

All our websites are modular with features that are easy to add, remove or update. Many of our tailor made sites come with custom dashboards to easily manage the functionality and content of the site.

If you're using a template site, a plug-in manager makes it easy for you to manage your add-ons. We offer a range of add-ons which can be viewed in our plug-in market. Contact us for more details.


If you can't be found on a search engine, you won't be found. Our websites are optimised so that they are picked up by search engines easier.

We also make sure the site is receiving a positive ranking so that it appears closer to the top of searches. Some techniques offered by search engine optimisers may be penalised by search engines such as Google, because they are seen as bad practices. We help build an online presence, of good and relevant content to increase overall ranking.

On top of making the site search engine optimised, we add code that helps integrate other search systems such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. When users share your content on a social media system, previews and descriptions will show in an appropriate and professional format.

We offer additional services to help add better optimised written content and provide tutorials on keeping your site search engine friendly.