It is such a treat to work with a team that help you achieve your vision. To work with people that make you feel that everything is possible and that there is always a solution to support and give life to your ideas is incredibly powerful. As a creative I am very pleased to have found people to work with in such a dynamic. It is a work of collaboration, with constant communication. I really feel understood and supported and they have helped me creating the perfect platform to enhance my work. It is just the beginning of a long-time collaboration and I will keep referring Wolf to all my clients as I ensure the quality of the work they deliver. They are a very competent, flexible, adaptable friendly, skilled team and they get the work done!! it is an immense pleasure to create with them.

Jen Raoult , Clair Obscur

Wolf Limited has provided development services and expert resource for Logicore Limited’s suite of products and modules. We have found Wolf to be extremely responsive and professional in their understanding and delivery of our requirements and the finished work. Wolf’s graphics team have also been a great help with our marketing material – which has provided fantastic feedback from our clients. All round, a great experience.

Rob Silver, CEO – Logicore Limited

I can’t recommend Wolf enough. Lloyd – who worked for us – is patient, excellent at communicating ing, extremely proficient at what he does, and he delivered above and beyond our expectations ns for a very good price and tight timeframe.  After using two developers who couldn’t get the job done, Lloyd rebuilt our site Bamtino with an attention to detail that we’ve never seen before in other developers. Wolf will be the only people we turn to for all our future web development t work.

Adrien Taylor – Bamtino

Wolf has top notch web design skills and is a great person to work with. He is approachable, a great listener and empathetic to client concerns and limitations. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him and I’m looking forward to our continuing association with regards to projects in the pipeline. With the current tasks, Wolf has always been open to suggestions, advice and incorporating changes in design etc. If he didn’t have answers on hand, which was seldom, he made sure he got the relevant info and informed me within time. I would highly recommend his services without any reservations whatsoever.

Adnan Khan – Elation Institute

Wolf Limited has been contracted for development work on a couple projects for Sell2Cell where we required additional tech expertise. Wolf not only provided access to all the tech and design skills we needed but was very professional to work with. Our main contact there, Lloyd, was always quick to reply to requests, and follow-ups and what we found most useful was their ability to bridge the gap between technical and business discussions – often found lacking with contracting other IT companies to work with us in the past. Lloyd quickly understood the business case we needed to solve and could swiftly provide a couple technical resolutions – saving time in communication and with the initial analysis stages of projects. I personally highly recommend Wolf, they are our preferred IT team to call on whenever we require additional tech resources to provide quality solutions to our customers.

Brendan Brink – Sell2Cell

Fuel-IT has used Wolf for over 2 years for our outsourced IT requirements. During that time, we have been able to build a positive relationship and from that the trust required to have our extensive IT requirements not just maintained, but developed and updated on a regular basis. Wolf makes suggestions, solutions, and recommendations to our system(s) and will develop the plan to implement the agreed updates and suggestions. Readily available to us and consistent in their approach and delivery we are more than satisfied and pleased with the relationship, including agreed costs before any work starts.

Graeme Perry – Fuel-IT

Wolf created an interim website for The Incubate Group. Lloyd kindly offered his services on a voluntary basis given this not-for-profit has a very small budget. In the end we had a site that was easy to navigate and with the ‘look’ we were after. As we moved into the next phase of our overall project, one of the team put up a professional landing page for us while we determine the next iteration. The Wolf team are accommodating and pleasant to work with, and we really appreciated their help.

Jo-Anne Hazel – Incubate Group

Wolf provided consultation and development services for WordPress based systems. They were quick to respond, easy to deal with, and provided professional advice where needed.

Dickon Gray – dickongray.com

Our Values

Wolf has a strong set of values which help us build the best products that deliver on our customer satisfaction guarantee.


  • Dedication to a high level of standard in design and construction that meet industry expectations,
  • Consistency so that clients all receive the same level of high standard of work and customer service,
  • Attention to detail and thorough quality control, so that the end product is perfect,
  • Professionalism in all work and communication. This sometimes means providing suggestions to customers, so that their ideas fit into industry standards,
  • Honestly – quite simple; explain where a clients money is going to and what value that has to them.

Our Mission

Wolf’s mission is to provide quality, affordable software. Broken down into simple packages and pricing suitable for all types and sizes of business.

We don’t believe in too much jargon and prefer close down to earth relationships with our clients. We want to work with them as they grow and fulfill their changing needs as a business.

Our team would love to work with you and help build your online presence.


Get started with your new website, before someone beats you to it!

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There is a lot of Jargon in the website industry. Here is a breakdown before you get started on your new site.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Many search engines like Bing and Google, rely on analysing millions of sites to build a search directory, like a phone book. So that when someone enters a search into Bing or Google, the results are appropriate to the keywords that were entered.

To improve the analysis of a website, developers and copywriters implement Search Engine Optimisation. This can be invisible code in the backend that search engines analyse to build better search results. Or writing relevant content that contains a specific structure that helps capture the right audience for your website.

Minification & Compression

With website functionality and graphics improving, more bulk has been added, like animations, high definition images, and video. This can make sites load slower, reduce customer engagement and have a negative effect on your search ranking.

To compensate for this code is minified, a technique that removes unnecessary bulk from website code. Images and videos are also compressed in most cases losing little or no quality.


CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. To help load sites across the world, content delivery networks can be used.

A website is usually hosted on a server in a single location. The time increases for communication between the server and the person viewing your site as the distance increases. This is called latency, the higher the latency the longer it’s going to take for the website to load. Content Delivery Networks solve this by having servers around the world that store a piece or your whole website. When a customer connects to the website, the closest content delivery server sends them the data reducing the distance.


SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which provides a secure connection between a website and a customer. This is important when handling client information, even searches on your page, to prevent them from being intercepted by hackers.

Not all sites are SSL enabled; secure sites are distinguishable by the lock icon in your browser bar and https:// in front of the website address you are visiting.

As of October, browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer/Edge will show ‘Not Secure’ next to site addresses that take any information including search fields, contact forms, and sign in forms.

These sites will also likely be penalised by search engines and will be less likely to show in search results, compared to sites that use a secure connection.

Secure your site today!

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A ranking is a virtual score a website holds in a search engine like Google or Bing. We won’t go into the complete process of how this works, however, there are steps that can be taken to improve the ranking score. For instance, Search Engine Optimisation and a SSL certificate can dramatically improve a websites search ranking.

Myths about picking the right domain

There are thousands of articles on the web listing steps you should follow in choosing a domain name for your blog or business website. Many of those articles focus on search engine optimization and industry niche names, but recent changes in search algorithms have rendered those procedures obsolete.

Your website is still the first (and sometimes only) impression you will make on viewers and potential customers, and choosing a domain name is the one of the most important decisions you’ll make in determining success.

So to help you on your quest for success, we’ve developed the following list of the top 3 myths you’ll encounter when choosing the perfect domain name for your site. If you can identify, understand, and counter these myths you’ll be on your way to a domain that draws attention…and traffic!


1. Domain Names Must Be Optimized for Keywords

It’s not a requirement that your domain name be optimized for keywords surrounding your industry anymore. It’s not even a requirement that your domain name make sense for your industry.

Twitter and Google don’t really tell you much about the company behind the domain, and those are two of the most recognizable and visited websites on the planet. What matters more thanTwitter had a faster ascent than Google, but there are many more users on the web today, and good positive word of mouth can “make” a domain name, similar to how positive reviews can be a boon for actual business.

Also, as search engines continue to get better at reading website context and rely less on tags and keywords, generic catch-all names like “Chicago-Car-Washers.com” become less important to drive traffic to your detailing shop and car wash on the south side of chicago. Focusing on good in-page content becomes much more important to search results than the domain name which houses that content.

Of course, the further your name is from describing your business you’ll need to do some extra marketing work to make people aware of your product or service. Also, be careful not to use a name that detracts from your mission. For example, a non-profit animal rights organization might think twice about using whalekillers.com.

2. Copyright Doesn’t Matter

Try telling that to the judge! ThisisthePoweroftheNetwork.com isn’t currently registered, but you can bet Cisco will have something to say about you using their slogan for your domain name.

It’s impossible to check every potential domain name against every database in the world, but to start, you should check your proposed name against the government licensing services for patent, copyright, and trademark.

When you are fairly certain you have a clear, unique name, you can progress to a more local level and search your state business lists. Nearly every Secretary of State website allows you to search online for registered businesses. Doing so will return the official business name and contact information. You can do quick web searches on businesses that might be close in nature to your make double-sure the domain you plan to use isn’t close to what is already being used.

Just adding a letter or a dash to your domain name to make it different from what’s out there isn’t going to really set you apart, or do anything to bring in traffic.

3. You Can’t Use a Name That Is Already Registered

Just because a domain name is already registered doesn’t mean you can’t use it. Domain parking and domain auction websites are popular businesses and will often register names in bulk with the intention of reselling them to individuals for a profit.

As you research available domain names don’t just stop when you see that one is already registered. Actually type the name into your favorite browser and see if it resolves to an actual website. If not, you might be able to contact the owner or make an offer to purchase the site from the existing registrar.

If you have the resources, you can even buy an existing website. That’s what Citigroup did when it found out the domain name it wanted was already registered by a small business consultant who locked down the name years earlier.


Could your online presence be improved?

Increase customer conversion and search ranking with these tips below.

There is an unprecedented amount of business being lost around the world due to ineffective online presence. It’s not just about sharing your contact details, but also being discoverable and validated.

With some simple adjustments and a little know-how, a wolf specialist can help you to make the most of an increasingly important medium.

Your online audience will find your competitors if you don’t stand out and come up top.
  • Build an online presence through facebook posts or a website blog.
  • Work with a Wolf search engine optimisation expert
  • Sign up to a Wolf Advertisement plan to spread awareness through Google and Facebook

Even the most basic information collected by your website is important and confidential.
  • Secure your site through a Wolf SSL Certificate
  • Have your site security approved, with a security check
  • Make sure emails sent to your potential customers are secure

People don’t like waiting, don’t let them wait for your website to load.
  • Use a Wolf Content Delivery Network to drastically improve site load times around the world
  • Have a Wolf web developer optimise your site and remove any junk
  • Talk to Wolf about any other issues that may be slowing the site