Security Certificates

Gain trust on the internet, with an SSL security certificate.

Basic Certificate

$50 a year

Basic Security Certificates are perfect for websites dealing with low traffic. At $50 a year you can't go wrong, providing you with peace of mind.

Intermediate Certificate

$155 a year

Crucial for sites dealing with larger volume traffic or sensitive information.

Premium Certificate

$215 a year

A must for large business, especially corporate businesses dealing with large or high risk transactions, or volume sensitive information.

Wild Card Certificate

$355 a year

A wild card certificate is suitable for businesses dealing with transactions or sensitive information. And where there are multiple subdomains that need securing.

Enterprise Certificate

$430 a year

Users that visit your website will be greeted by a green bowser bar. This bar shows that the website is highly trusted, and the business has been extensively verified.

Security Audit

Our security audits look at all angles to your website or application. This includes the infrastructure and the security of services provided by it; File transfer, email, database and web hosting. Your website itself, how securely data is sent and stored, and data that shouldn't be stored. If you process payments online we will also check the systems you are using there, whether they are third party or internal.


Trust online is important, so important that even Google now will reduce your search rank and even warn users away from your site.

Standard security certificates vastly reduce bounce rate; users that leave the site. Additionally, it greatly improves conversion of potential customers to paying customers.

Enterprise certificates provide users with a green bar in their browser, its the ultimate way to instantly verify your site to the user. Additionally as part of the Enterprise certificate process, your business and its trade are checked, so the user knows that you are a real and legitimate organisation.


Even as a small business dealing with small information, such as a contact form which handles user emails or a admin dashboard. A basic security certificate is a small price to pay for protection.

Protect yourself and your client. Security certificates protect information sent by your website and client, this could be sensitive personal information, confidential emails or credit card details. Without a security certificate these are visible in the public domain and can be used by malicious parties.

Do you have a website administration dashboard, or have developers made changes to code remotely? This could all be intercepted by other parties. They could have a head start at gaining site access, accessing confidential data, or installing malicious software.


Your image online is important, users want to deal with brands they can trust. Whether its coming up top in Google or showing a green bar and locker in the browser bar.

Security - trusting someone with sensitive credentials, is often forgotten when developing a companies image or brand. All our security certificates communicate to the user the legitimacy of a domain owner, validate that who they are dealing with is the real deal, and verify the security of their connection to the website.

Some of the most reputable brands all have green bar enterprise certificates, go to and have a look at the top bar. An thats lot limited to just you, anyone can purchase a green-bar certificate or standard certificate.