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Wolf protects your brand, we will keep your domain regularily renewed and make sure its not taken from underneath you. We provide easy domain transfer, with security checks to make sure the right person is requesting the transfer. We provide information to protect you from domain scams, so that you don't buy a fake domain, or sell your domain to a fake buyer.

Domains can be purchased for longterm periods, so that there is an extra peace of mind. We source all our domains from reputable sellers, with great customer service and infrustructure.

Global Infrastructure.

Wolf sources domains from a variety of reputable sellers, around the world. Offer great value and protection, on premium infrustruture. Because of this we can offer a range of domains for any requirement. Be found anywhere, make your site global with domain names such as .COM. Have geographically unique sites using country domains; .uk or .au.

Claim your industry specific domain, for example .builders, .agency and much more. Spread your brand protection across domain variants such as or and further it by buying industry or geographic sepecific domains. All these domains can be redirected to one domain or particular versions of your site.


Host your domains on one platform. No need to contact support of multiple providers, a wide variety of domains can be purchased form Wolf, or current domains transfered to us for free.

With an easy to use dashboard, or using our excellent customer support, manage your multiple products with us. Quickly attach security certificates to particular domains or point those domains to Wolf hosting.