Application Development

Beautifully crafted, cross-platform application development.

Tailors of quality made websites and applications.

Bundled Services

Wolf provides bundled services for projects where an application may be spread across multiple delivery platforms. By combining our services with a simple package we can deliver a more uniform product range for better value.

These applications can share the same server side systems through their own application interfaces, hosted online. They will use the same domain address and security certificate. Because these systems are shared, extending and updating the application is easier.

Tailored Applications

Tailored websites are the best way to differentiate your brand and stand out in the industry. They are unique; designed and built from scratch, applying the best design and development practices to highlight strengths in your existing presence and branding.

Tailored sites are best for those who want functionality and appearance, which template sites or site builders can’t provide. They allow for a unique user experience, encouraging repeat customers, and brand dissemination.


Don't limit yourself to a single market. Cross platform applications gain a greater customer base through multiple distribution channels, including the app store and the google play store.

Many users jump between different platforms, maybe they use Windows at work and Mac OS at home. Or they use a different mobile operating system to their desktop operating system. By building a cross platform app, you provide a better experience to the user, improving the value of your service, and increasing revenue through a range of charging structures.

Multiplatform applications share data. A centralised server and application interface allows all data to be stored in one location and a user only requiring one login. Gain better insights into your user-base and provide convenience of synchronised data across devices.


A user experience doesn't always need to be the same across devices. By providing an experience optimised around the device, a user has far more positive interaction with an application.

With the rise of smaller mobile devices the need for sites that respond to the screen space and orientation was required. Throughout the design process, responsive design is a important consideration. If you resize the Wolf page you are viewing right now, you will see the menu, content, font size and images will change to display better. We keep the user experience uniform, but improve the usability across devices.

Other steps taken may be changing the functionality between platforms so that certain features may be desktop only or mobile only or function slightly differently on each platform. You may even have completely different content delivered on each platform. These steps are important for usability.


Approach all segments of the application market through multiple distribution programmes.

Wolf will develop a distribution plan to help increase coverage and to select the best mediums to spread your app. We select mediums which best meet your goals, such as providing your customers with regular and easy updates or simple payment methods for larger user bases.

Many great mediums are ignored, for example Steam or Ubuntu Apps, distribution platforms for application. Have large user bases, and can be a point of difference. Some distribution platforms may provide less competition with your app and open the way to target your target market.